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I started coding SwiftUI from the time it was introduced in 2019 and during these years I got addicted to it more and more.
In the following sections you will find some of my personal projects made with it.
Weather Party!

An vision pro prototype to have amazing experience in 3D dimension world! User can feel the weather condition in real time in real world now !

Food Delivery

People who are tired of the dead UI in delivery apps can benefit from this design, which produces fun animations to encourage them to use it more frequently.

Hotel Reservation

With its new design and eye-catching functionality, this app has some potentials to encourage users to use it for their next trip.

Weather App

Getting bored of the same old weather apps? Let's see what you think of this one!

iPhone 29_edited.png
Adventure awaits!

Take advantage of our adventures by saving them or exploring them! This app can show you the facilities and amenities of your next one! With its awesome UI which uses paralex effects!

My Car Watcher

Intelligent and beautiful application which can track your trips, car health, and show you where the precious issue is if you have one!

iPhone 26.png
Neon Lovers

Let's break through the coding barriers and make a new complex application with lovely neon effects! 

Let's Shop

Let's show our customers our brand-new smooth and cute design! Let them have fun while using your app!

Let it be Smart!

An application for managing the whole smart home can have a more complex user interface to make it more enjoyable for the user!

iPhone 35.png
iPhone 34.png
Money and Money!

Let's have some fun while checking our business activities with this application! What do you think?!

Do I Need a Jacket? 

Let's create some challenge and complexity in our code! This app needs to calculate a lot of things to act like this!


Let's try some Neumorphism design in our app!

People love it!

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